Scientists: the Earth is approaching a powerful magnetic storm

Techno 24 March, 2018

2018-03-24 17:10

Scientists: the Earth is approaching a powerful magnetic storm
Scientists warn that in April the Ground will collapse the series of geomagnetic disturbances.

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Presumably this will happen in the second decade of April, and from 11 to 19 April magnetic storms will peak.

Geomagnetic storms can affect the operation of navigational AIDS, electronic equipment, power grids and communications. Impact they have on human health. This is due to the change in blood viscosity under the influence of magnetic disturbances.

In order to protect yourself from unpleasant consequences of magnetic storms, doctors advise to reduce to a minimum physical activity, try to avoid stressful situations, and if something happened to drink soothing herbal preparations such as Valerian or motherwort.

During magnetic storms should not eat a lot of salty, spicy and smoked. These products delay fluid in the body and promote blood clots. It is recommended these days to drink more water or green tea. Alcohol is sharply contraindicated.