Sea of Thieves and Skull and Bones: Why does piracy fascinate players?

Techno 6 July, 2017

These historical bandits of the sea seem timeless. Whether they appear on the big screen or in playable version, the stories of pirates captivate us. But for what reasons?

The gaming market has gone to the boardwalk of the universe of pirates for a couple of years. From the City-Builder to the Action-RPG, we were able to travel to the time of the vault robbers in different ways, through licenses like Tropico, Risen or even portages of Pirates of the Caribbean. Except that today, as worlds become more and more open and consoles more powerful, creators go even further in the gaming experience. Since 2015 and this announcement of the development of Sea of ​​Thieves (Rare) at the launch of the license Skull and Bones at the E3 2017 (Ubisoft), it hangs severely on piracy. And there’s nothing surprising about that.
A world of character
Journeys of which one never sees the end. Bastions to conquer. Liters of blood to flow on heavenly beaches. Gold to be subtilized in the Caribbean. These are the things that make up the dangerous environment of a pirate. Free as the air that pushes his sail, he fascinates gamers in search of colorful characters, with no family ties and humorous grivois. A very nice background.

An epic combat system
These guys were more comfortable on the water than on land. So when it comes to showing the power of their warship in the waters of Bermuda, believe us they know how to do it. And on our screens it gives frenzied sequences of fight and cannonballs as if it were raining. There is not to say, the effect “whaou” waited by the players is always at the rendezvous in this kind of scene.
A race to the thune
The lure of stuff, gain, xp, resources … All things that can maximize the strength of a playable hero fit perfectly into a title dealing with piracy. This cult of enrichment is, moreover, THE personality trait found in each member of a crew. Analogously, we also distinguish this furious desire to get full IG excavations in most players. Bah yes, it takes rounds to equip, to personalize its appearance and to obtain rare objects.

A real community
The life of an outlaw is often magnetising. Especially when it runs on a vast azure ocean or it must make stopover on paradisiacal beaches. And then she is closely linked to that of her neighbor’s berth, also a seasoned pirate. The community aspect is therefore crucial to the success of crew projects. Without clear co-operation, everyone’s hopes will flow. This is the observation that thousands of players will make evolving with their friends in Sea of ​​Thieves as in Skull and Bones.