Search in the boss alleged Hells Angels

News 7 March, 2018

    Éric Thibault

    Wednesday, 7 march 2018 17:22

    Wednesday, 7 march 2018 17:22

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    The new alleged leader of the Hells Angels, Mario Brouillette, has been challenged by the police, which is also prepared to go to visit her condo and her cottage, on Wednesday.

    The Squad’s national crackdown on organized crime (ENRCO) spoiled the meal that Brouillette was taking in the company of Claude Gauthier, a member of the Hells Angels Trois-Rivières, while they were both seated in a restaurant St-Hubert in Repentigny, around 15 h, learned The Newspaper.


    At the end of the day, police officers were also present near the building to condos where he lives, in the sector, Charlemagne, Repentigny, suggesting that they were preparing to go and perform a search. According to our information, the bloodhounds would be interested also in his chalet located in Saint-Alexis-des-Monts, in Mauricie.

    The ENRCO proceeded to another phase of its project to survey baptized Objection, to raise the evidence at the expense of a vast organization of suspected drug traffickers affiliated with several influential members of the Hells. This network, consisting of several regional committees, would be well established in Montreal and on the north shore.

    $ 3 million seized

    Since the end of January, the police have conducted over fifty searches in the margin of this investigation, entering including $ 2.3 million in cash, as well as over a million dollars in narcotics of all kinds, including 20 kilos of cocaine and 200 000 tablets of methamphetamine.

    After having spent over eight years behind bars for cocaine importation and conspiracy to murder, Brouillette has argued that he had left the Hells on good terms when he was granted parole in 2015.

    But the police are currently considering what was already nicknamed the “dolphin of Mom Boucher” as the “true boss” of the motorcycle gang, even if he remains behind the activities and gatherings of the gang.

    In 1995, he became at 23 the youngest member in good standing of the history of the Hells in Quebec.

    In its plan Objection, the ENRCO has also made visits to the influential Hells Angel Michel “Sky” Langlois — one of the founding members of the chapter-mother of the gang in Canada, that of Montreal, the bikers celebrated the 40th anniversary last December.

    The police have also carried out a search warrant at a prospect of the Hells of the chapter of Montreal, Daniel-André Giroux, as well as in Carmelo Sacco Jr., that the authorities consider the time as a loved one of the bikers, the Italian mafia and street gangs.

    No charges have yet been filed in relation to this matter.