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Although it is no longer a minister, Ségolène Royal still has a protection State consisting of four police officers. Treatment for it should not benefit.

She is no longer minister of the Environment and yet, Ségolène Royal continues to enjoy the benefits of its former function. Snob me by Emmanuel Macron, who was preferred to Nicolas Hulot to make up his government there has been almost two months, the former companion of François Hollande still enjoys a close protection consisting of four police officers. Based on information from the Closer, ” two drivers and two security officers of the department of protection (SDLP) take turns in effect at the rate of two per week, to take care of her 24 hours on 24 “, and this, at the expense of the State.

Even more surprising, in the absence of sufficient number of staff, the leadership of the SDLP had no other choice than to reduce the protection accorded to the Empress Farah Pahlavi, the widow of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the shah of Iran, in order to best ensure the safety of the ex-minister. “It was undressed an Empress to dress Ms. Royal, it is a shame ! “said an officer to our colleagues.

This treatment, Ségolène Royal should not have the right to it. And for good reason, the rules of the ministry of the Interior are very clear about this : only the former presidents of the Republic, former prime ministers and former ministers of Justice may have the benefit of a close protection. As for the other members of a former government, this benefit may be granted if they hold a State secret. Remains to know if this is the case of Ségolène Royal.


Ségolène Royal

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