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To cure his depression, Selena Gomez was admitted at the end of 2016 in a specialized facility. She looks back on this difficult period and goes into detail about what she has endured.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. The adage may be true for Selena Gomez, who has spent three months in a specialized institution to recover from the effects of lupus, an inflammatory disorder, chronic la ronge, fatigue, and anxiety. Exhausted by the disease, overwrought by his career, the young woman had made a break in October 2016 to rest and regain strength. A difficult period about which she confided to the magazine InStyle.

“I stayed there for 90 days and it was the best thing to do” has entrusted Selena Gomez. The star, in a first time, ” frightened “, was not allowed to use her phone to cut off their habits, and rest. She admits to also having ” learned a lot “ during his stay in the countryside. “It washard, but I knew that my heart advised me to go” said the actress and singer, who stated that she had not been able to take care of her hair as she would have liked.

At the end of 2016, his fans were worried about her impressive weight loss after taking a shot posted by their idol. Present on the stage of the American Music Awards in November, Selena Gomez had confided his discomfort in front of the public : “I believe that I do not mistake if I say that you all know of my life, whether I like it or not. (…) I had to stop because I had everything,but I was absolutely broken inside.” The beautiful can now count on the support of his companion Weeknd with which it has formalized its relationship on the red carpet of the MET Gala last may.

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