Sending a parcel is more expensive to the Island than in Winnipeg

News 24 March, 2018
  • Emy-Jane Déry

    Saturday, 24 march, 2018 23:04

    Saturday, 24 march, 2018 23:04

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    ANTICOSTI | delivery of a parcel to Canada Post from Quebec to Anticosti island is much more expensive than to the United States. Post services that are equitable to the remote regions are claimed.

    “I work the wood, and on occasion, I’m going to buy small equipments, a specialist company of Ottawa. If I buy a $ 25 tool, this is $ 28 to postage, ” said John Pineault, mayor of Anticosti.

    To grow his business

    For businesses, the situation is equally problematic. At the same time his or her employment, Marie-Josée Martin operates a small company of knitting. Lately, the costs of Canada Post to send to his client two pom-poms rose to $ 18 by regular mail.

    “We are talking about a package which is as big as a business card and weighs 18 grams. I realized that if I wanted to grow my business, this would be impossible with such delivery charges “, she said.

    The owner of the general store to the Island, Nick Malouin, says simply not to use the service of Canada Post, unless a cardinal obligation.

    “The client comes to see me for a part that I don’t, often I have to tell him to make by someone who plans to go to town and come back “, he said.

    As Hydro-Québec

    In January, the federal government announced a new vision for Canada Post is focused on service to citizens. The member of parliament for Manicouagan, Marilène Gill, of the view that as a Crown corporation, Canada Post has a responsibility to provide equitable services to residents of remote areas.

    “As customers of Hydro, that you are a citizen of Montreal or The Snuff-box, the citizens should benefit from the same tariffs and postal services “, she stated.

    She requests a meeting with the minister of public Services and Procurement, Carla Qualtrough, to discuss the issue.

    “I think the whole canadian population would be able to assume the additional costs of the regions that are far away. I don’t think it would make a huge difference in the price of the citizens and the State company would deliver on its mandate, which is to be fair and equitable to all citizens. “

    — With the collaboration of Arnaud Koenig-Soutière

    Delivery charges a minimum of Canada Post

    Quebec – Winnipeg : 16,78 $

    • Delivery time estimated in 6 business days
    • Air-line Distance oiseau1937,09 km

    Quebec – Anticosti Island : 17,66 $

    • Time of delivery estimated 8 working days
    • Distance 678,50 km

    Quebec– Toronto : 12,56 $

    • Time of estimated delivery 4 working days
    • Distance 729,02 km

    Quebec– Virginia : 11,52 $ (by air)

    • Time-estimated delivery not available
    • Distance 1150,48 km

    St-John’s (Newfoundland and Labrador) – Québec : 16,78 $

    • Delivery time estimated in 6 business days
    • Distance 1397,58 km

    *Data based on a package 10x10x10 cm, weighing 1 pound, according to the information of Canada Post