Sent in the american league, McCarron did not want to go on forever

Sport 7 October, 2017

Photo: Jeff McIntosh, The canadian Press
Defender Michael McCarron during a game between the habs to the Calgary Flames last march

Michael McCarron will begin Friday evening with a crucial season for his career development. He knows, and he is the first to admit it.


While the leadership of the Montreal canadiens hoped without doubt to see it is imposing by his physical presence, McCarron has rather played so shy during the calendar preparatory. So, he is now preparing for a third stay in the american League, this time with the Rocket de Laval.


And although he has liked what he has seen up to now from its new home port, McCarron has no desire to spend a lot of time.


“I’m in the last year of my contract and I want to send a message. It may seem selfish, but I don’t want to spend the season here. I want to force the team management to call me back and I want to move on in the national hockey League. This is where I want to play, ” he said with bite and conviction after the morning workout in preparation for the opening match of the Rocket to place the Bell against the Senators in Belleville.


“It is an important year for me,” he added. I want to play with as much force as I am capable of, the way in which I am capable, do not leave doubts, and require them to call me back. I had the foot in the door of the [national League]. Now, I want to enter in, and dwell there. “

He is ready to play hockey and he wants to return to Montreal. It is his goal, and we, as coaches, we are there to help […]
The head coach of the Rocket of Laval, Sylvain Lefebvre

Aware about about McCarron, the general director of the Rocket, Larry Career, did not seem surprised.


“He has a good sense of hockey, it is robust, it has a lot to offer. Most importantly, he has a good attitude. He wants to learn, he listens to the coaches. When he arrived here last Sunday, he introduced himself by saying, “OK, let’s get to work” “, he told about an hour before the match.


McCarron arrived at the camp of the Canadian, in mid-September, with great intentions and after a summer, according to his words, where it is subjected to a rigorous training. But he is back under the orders of head coach Sylvain Lefebvre, who knows very well what can feel his young player.


“This is not easy for a coach, it is to manage each individual, how it behaves, but also how he reacts when he is demoted. With ” Big Mac “, it has already happened. But when you train hard during the summer, that you do not think of only one thing, either make the team, mentally, it gives a blow. “


Lefebvre believes that McCarron will be better equipped to move forward and achieve its objectives, especially after the difficult times he experienced last season with the IceCaps in St. John.


“Last year, when he arrived, he thought that it was going to be easy because he had had success in his first season. It has a little hit a wall. I think that from this side, it has learned, ” says Lefebvre.


“It has a very good attitude, he works hard in training, it is not the” baboune “, also said the head coach of the Rocket. He is ready to play hockey and he wants to return to Montreal. It is his goal, and we, as coaches, we are here to help return in the national League, as with all the players. “


Last Sunday, during a preparatory meeting against the same Senators, of Belleville, McCarron led a trio with Chris Terry and Nikita Scherbak. It should again be the case on the occasion of the inaugural game of the season 2017-2018.


If McCarron could benefit from the contribution of his two team-mates to produce at a steady pace to the attack, Lefebvre wants to see it perform all the important tasks that are expected of a player of centre.