Separated by the Korean war, the relatives will meet during the Games in Pyeongchang : the World : Vladim

News 28 January, 2018

Olympics in Pyeongchang will be remembered not only by the scandal with Russian participants, and attempt to reconcile North and South Korea. During the Olympic games separated by the Korean war, the relatives will have the opportunity to meet.


According to recent reports, both teams will be at the opening ceremony of the Olympic games in 2018 under one flag. Families that have not been seen since 1953, the year will be able to finally meet. According to preliminary data, the meeting could happen as early as February 16. For most people, this could be our only chance to see you.

According to 82-year-old About the Men-the Rank when he was 15 years old, he last saw his brother and mother. And now, when there is a chance, he hopes to see younger brother, who is now 76 years old.

Recall that the Seoul and Pyongyang before also organized a meeting between citizens of the two countries. This last meeting occurred in 2010, then was allowed to spend time with relatives more than 2 days. Because of the military action was withdrawn, more than 10 million families.