Sex after marriage: 4 time losing importance

Techno 4 February, 2018

2018-02-04 12:07

Sex after marriage: 4 time losing importance
There is an opinion that the stamp in the passport can change a lot, and this is especially true of sex. Some very pessimistic person and do not believe that sex in marriage is real and not is a myth.

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It is not even stamped, and in the habit. The honeymoon period when you did not get out of bed, trying to hit chosen their sexual technique and the African temperament has passed, you can relax and be yourself. But honestly, this coin, like any other, has two sides. Read more about it.

You don’t think about what perfect sex

If before each intimacy was a test of strength, as it was necessary to show their best and deliver maximum pleasure to the partner, now you can finally focus on your pleasure. This does not mean that you can not listen to his wishes, but if you do not want or you are tired, now it can be said in the open, instead of portraying a superhero.

How often do you make love

Sometimes you have sex spontaneously, just because I wanted to. May sound a bit cynical, but actually it is very convenient when you can have sex when I want. It does not need to put on makeup and go somewhere, then return no light, no dawn and in the morning to go to work. And in addition to the sex, which as before is very important, you have a lot of common classes that bring you pleasure.

What you fancy

Some believe that sex in marriage is boring. They are very wrong. It is with a permanent partner whom you know and trust, you can go to the experiments. You only need to decide and tell him to friend) about their fantasies and think about how they can embody. You need to be prepared that your idea about innovations in sex may not be the same and treat it bearable.

As you look

Now in bed you can really relax without thinking about what he will see, that your figure is not perfect, and the bikini area not defiliruya properly. This does not mean that you have to allow yourself to gain ten extra pounds, or to walk around the house in sweat pants stretched. But now you can be yourself, and don’t spend a lot of time to prepare for sex, and if you go on reception to the English Queen. And to spend it more productively.