Sexagenarian murdered in Saint-Apollinaire: new charges for Antoine Sylvain-Martineau

News 12 July, 2017
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    Nicolas Lachance

    Wednesday, 12 July, 2017 13:01

    Wednesday, 12 July, 2017 13:16

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    Antoine Sylvain-Martineau, suspected to have killed with premeditation, a sexagenarian of his entourage in Saint-Apollinaire, has appeared in court this morning to face new charges of weapons possession. He took the opportunity to claim to the judge for his release.

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    “Mr. justice, I would like it to be released during the proceedings”, and asked, visibly disturbed, Antoine Sylvain-Martineau. Already accused of premeditated murder, he was charged with a new charge of possession of a prohibited weapon and another for violating an order because he possessed a firearm.

    Criminal responsibility?

    Also, in all likelihood, his lawyer Marc Delisle will attempt to file by August 16 a request for his release.

    Me Delisle has also shown his colors, then he should ask for an assessment on the criminal responsibility of his client during the gesture alleged. A recommendation that has not been done by the judge.

    It was the third passage in front of the court for the 22 year old male that would be passed to the confessions the 2 July this year revealing the police have shot Jean-Pierre Rioux, aged 63, in the month of June.

    In court after his arrest, it was mentioned that his mother was worried about the depressive behavior and paranoid of his son for some time, which would explain why she contacted the police. The arrival of the officers, the boy had a fall on the stairs. Confused, he would have added the murder alleged to the police once went to the hospital.


    The two men knew each other for a long time. The victim and the accused shared regularly at the family hardware business in Saint-Apollinaire. Provider of social assistance, the victim was travelling regularly between Gaspé and Saint-Apollinaire to make menus work. During these stays, Jean-Pierre Rioux was by the time in one of the sisters Martineau.

    His disappearance had alerted the authorities.

    The body of the sexagenarian was found on land in the woods of Saint-Apollinaire, on the South Shore of Quebec city where Sylvain Martineau was in the habit to be.