Sexual misconduct: a former soldier sued the government

News 23 March, 2018
  • Michael Nguyen

    Friday, 23 march, 2018 20:30

    Friday, 23 march, 2018 20:30

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    An ex-military wants to bring a collective action against the federal government, on behalf of all quebec women within the army who have been a victim of sexual misconduct.

    “The canadian armed Forces are plagued by a culture of discrimination and sexualization, which condones and encourages abuse and sexual harassment,” says bluntly Clear Plamondon in a court document obtained by The Newspaper.

    Ms. Plamondon is an ex-soldier who claims to have been the victim of sexual misconduct and harassment at the time she was a member of the army.

    She wants to sue the State on behalf of “all women who have been residing in Quebec who have served or who serve in the canadian armed Forces [CAF],” and who would have suffered such abuse.

    It application to the superior Court of Québec to determine if the army has failed in its responsibility to provide women with a work environment free of sexual harassment and assault.


    In case of victory, the lawyer Erik Lowe demand compensation for the victims, without, however, quantify the amounts claimed at this stage of the proceedings.

    For their part, the canadian armed Forces have assured the Newspaper that they took seriously their obligation to provide a safe working environment to all their members.

    “Senior military leaders have taken concrete measures to combat the problems of sexual assault, harassment and discrimination,” said Major Doug Keirstead, citing among other things the operation Honour, aimed at eradicating discrimination in the workplace.

    Unless an amicable settlement, the application of collective action will be presented to a judge in the coming weeks.

    In January 2018, there were 14 434 women active military in the army in Canada.