Sexual misconduct: Concordia will involve more students

News 2 February, 2018
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    Dominique Scali

    Friday, February 2, 2018 18:26

    Friday, February 2, 2018 18:28

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    Concordia University decided on Friday to further involve the students in the way of setting up his committee to work on sexual violence, which was strongly criticized by the student association.

    The Newspaper published on Thursday that a climate of distrust reigns at Concordia since allegations of sexual misconduct involving teachers have been made public three weeks ago.

    The management had, inter alia, announced the setting up of a working committee to review the policies of the university concerning sexual violence. However, the trade union of undergraduate students criticized the direction of wanting to choose by themselves the students who will serve on this committee.

    The University has finally changed its approach so that the student association which makes the selection of the participating students, said spokeswoman Mary-Jo Barr by e-mail Friday.

    “We’re really pleased to see that the University agrees that the students of the committee are chosen by their peers,” responded Leyla Sutherland, coordinator of student life.

    Good grades only

    The management, however, continues to require that the selected students have “good grades”, what regrets, Ms. Sutherland. This criterion excludes victims whose notes have been affected by the sexual misconduct of teachers, she said.

    This measure aims to ensure that students in difficulty on the academic performance will focus on their studies. That being said, all students, including those who are in difficulty at school, will have the opportunity to present their views to the working group in the framework of the consultation process,” said Mary-Jo Barr.