“Sexual predator”: Gilbert Rozon suffered a first defeat in front of the court

News 13 March, 2018
  • Photo Pierre-Paul Poulin

    Michael Nguyen

    Tuesday, 13 march 2018, 12:29

    Tuesday, 13 march 2018, 12:35

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    Gilbert Rozon has just suffered a first defeat in front of the court, not having been able to do to remove the term “sexual predator” of the collective action of which it is the object.

    “The tribunal considers that it would not be appropriate to strike the claims referred to, even before having given a chance [in the collection] to present his argument in court,” ruled judge Donald Bisson in a decision obtained by The Newspaper.

    The former big boss of Just for laughs, that ned will be guilty of some sexual misconduct, is being sued for at least $ 10 million by The Brave, a group of women who all say they have been assaulted by Rozon between 1982 and 2016.

    This group is for the time composed of twenty women.

    “Rozon is a man of 63 years old who was assaulted and sexually harassed many women and girls on a period of a minimum of 34 years, so it deserves the qualification of “sexual predator”, one can read in the application of collective action.

    The Bold also indicate that Rozon has already “raped, assaulted and harassed” women.


    Rozon had responded by asking the court to withdraw the request for collective action a number of terms that refer, according to him, at a crime and not a civil wrong.

    The ex-magnate of humor argues that only the criminal chamber of the tribunal “may rule on the qualification of crime”, and this, even if one regularly sees victims turn to the civil order to obtain compensation for acts which may also be criminals.

    The judge Bisson also noted that, if The Courageous to prove that Rozon was actually raped women, “these actions will then form as many mistakes resulting in its liability, without it being necessary that he was a convicted criminal for these acts.”

    The magistrate has also qualified as”illogical” the demand of Rozon, since he has not called for the removal of the term “sexual assault”.

    “Mr. Rozon does not, therefore, the logic of his own argument, according to which it is necessary to remove all terms [back to] criminal acts,” insisted the magistrate, in dismissing from A to Z the application of Rozon.