Sexy horoscope: find out a loved one better

Techno 14 February, 2018

2018-02-14 20:38

Sexy horoscope: find out a loved one better
Due to the sexual horoscope you can know the preferences of your husband and surprise him in bed.

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This zodiac sign has its own peculiarity: the rams are driven by sporting interest. First sex with a man will surprise you with excessive passion and to realize his sexual fantasies. Notice that the first intimacy can happen sooner than you thought – because Aries are very stubborn in the process of conquering girls. A long courtship, he’s completely alien, he makes no secret about what he really wants. And this goal – as soon as possible to get you into bed, reports Rus.Media.


You have in mind a noteworthy representative of this Zodiac sign? I can assure you that in terms of erotic spice, you’ll never lose. However, his potential is unmistakable from the start, and the fact that his sexual energy will be released immediately, it is particular. Biological needs, including sex, Taurus is as natural as the air we breathe. After a magical night you still waiting for Breakfast in bed, and often also a continuation to a greater or lesser extent intimate process of knowing each other. Taureans love morning sex.


First night of love with the Twins looks. That’s a shame: it was necessary to puncture to happen right in front of your house. Another option: he got distracted and forgot where I put the key to the apartment, and now it remains nothing how to spend the night with you. Don’t be surprised. To get you in bed, Gemini will go to any tricks. To subdue the Twins, you need to have an inexhaustible imagination. But his passion for sex experiments will not everyone, because in the first night, he may want to try out all imaginable positions and various sex toys.


Don’t be misled by the appearance of Cancer: large, childish eyes may belong to a ladies ‘ man with experience. Timidity and shyness, fulfilling its function, will soon be discarded as useless. So suppose that you will not be surprised that, at first, contained Cancer at the first opportunity to get rid of their clothes! And exciting event will happen on the job in your coy.


This is a classy production! You will also be prepared for the role in this memorable show marked with a true Royal scale. Long prelude is in the style of a Lion. But very often the Lions during the first night of love focused only on myself and, like the rams, only after the first intoxication of passion, you begin to think about the needs of the partner. Therefore, a partner may require you to try an unusual pose or dance for him a strip. In other words, you’ll have to please him, not Vice versa.


This is a known lovers dream. The virgin is always time for foreplay. And we are not talking about how to create the right mood: everything must be provided. This wine poured into the right amount and fresh bed, and a pre-purchased fruit, then in the morning together to eat. Virgo perfect partners in bed. Such a man always listens to the desires of women, well-groomed, good-looking, considerate. He would not insist on the fact that you don’t like to do in bed.


Impeccable taste, elegance very often define the personality Weights. A special charm, magnetism, charisma – that’s what can take a man. Given this, it is clear that proximity Weights it is difficult to achieve. When dealing with them, everything bears the imprint of a unique style. Any excess runs into a sharp rejection of the balance. Scales will deliver an ideal process combines slow undressing before the mirror and, of course, mysteriously lighted candle. In such circumstances, nothing is fast to part with his natural modesty. But don’t be surprised if shortly after the ordinances of love your friend hurried home. The fact that it will be slightly broken Scales much-needed sense of inner peace, if the next morning they Wake up in unfamiliar surroundings and will not be able to get in proper order.


No other sign does not hold such a clear distinction between love and sex as Scorpio. And he flatters my vanity by claiming to complete the expulsion of the views of others, you very soon will be able to understand whether he is serious or he is just configured to receive carnal pleasure. In this sense, very revealing first night of love. Animal instincts it is extremely strong, and from time to time require satisfaction. However the strap is very high and in that case, if the desired object is selected on only one night. And if the victim does not match its scale (and Scorpio sees it instantly), he behaves appropriately situation: extremely tough, seeking only to possess. But Scorpio is a good analyst, who can read your thoughts, including sexual desire.


Archers and depth of feeling – are two incompatible things, therefore, most often, is perceived only through the prism of sport. Sagittarius refers to the number of adventurers, he’s not in a hurry to reduce the distance between themselves and a partner. It may be in a relationship with a man for several months, but to truly be in love. For him, sex can be a source of pride. Full of passion and fire Sagittarius – idealist, which is of interest to all new. However perverted forms of love game leave him indifferent.


Dealing with Capricorn, rush is contraindicated. Storm to take it impossible. His cool charm is extremely attractive compared to other characters he seems the most available. Sometimes you catch yourself thinking that it floats high, and sex and love do not exist for him. And there is nothing to be surprised: in his career for Capricorn is the meaning of life. If finally the long-awaited moment has come – do not hurry: sex makes him organic disgust. Capricorn love needs the night.


As always, the exotic produces of Aquarius compelling effect, and certainly in this case you’ll make him a real lift by offering him to the attention of openly erotic program: Striptease, erotic massage, prostate massage, oral sex champagne…And evaluation criteria would be very high, although the man-Aquarius in bed pretty lazy.


Sex for Fish always carries a deep spiritual meaning. Pisces men love to go to the intimacy only a woman has feelings. But the first sex with this man may disappoint themselves with excessive modesty and romance – often more words, but less the case.