Shark attack on girl, resting on the Caribbean sea, caught on video

News 12 December, 2017

The American published video footage of a shark attack on his wife, who did not expect the onslaught of a predator. Video footage shot in the Caribbean where vacationing with her husband, the victim, got on YouTube.


In the Internet appeared video in which a shark bites a floating woman’s hand. This video was uploaded the spouse of the victim who got off lightly and not fatal wounds on her left arm. The victim later in the social networks wrote jokingly that her honeymoon ended with a shark bite. The victim explained that at first she thought it was a drawing of her husband, however, turned her head, she saw a shark the size of a half meter, which, fortunately, immediately swam away.

It should be noted that a woman was attacked by a baleen sharks, which is not a serious danger to humans, attacking only out of protection, but in South Africa the witnesses managed to film the attack of a great white shark that almost bit off the diver’s head.