She continues with the québec ombudsman after an investigation at his place

News 22 December, 2017
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    Tamara Thermitus, chair of the Commission on human rights and the rights of the youth.

    Antoine Lacroix

    Thursday, December 21, 2017 23:15

    Thursday, December 21, 2017 23:15

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    Dissatisfied with the result of an investigation conducted against it, the president of the Commission of human rights and droits de la jeunesse (CDPDJ) is continuing the public Protector to have it set aside.

    Tamara Thermitus complained that a report of the final survey was sent in November to the ministry of Justice, without having been able to provide his version of the facts of which he was accused, after several colleagues had filed a complaint against her.

    “The submission of the draft report to the minister of Justice before they have obtained the version of the facts of the appellant, constitutes a fault, and a serious breach of the elementary rules of natural justice “, one can read in the lawsuit, which is heavily vetted.

    Since February of 2017, it stated that “the CDPDJ is struggling with several problems, some of which are major,” and that it wanted to make changes, which seemed to ” disturb several employees “.

    The public Protector has begun to conduct a survey on it this summer after it received complaints.

    Version of the facts

    At the beginning of December, she learned that the report is not final, had been sent to the department be informed in advance and that a final report will be sent once its comments.

    She adds that she ” has always wanted to be heard by the public protector “, but that it has been deprived of his right to enforce his version of the facts, ” as to the allegations which are alleged on personal interest disclosure “.

    Ms. Thermitus emphasizes in the lawsuit that she “can only hope to be treated fairly” because the report is not final has been sent to the minister of Justice, Stéphanie Vallée.

    The president of the CDPDJ has accused the public Protector to have evidence of “bias” and having a ” closed mind “.

    She asks for the ” to quash the investigation by the Protector of citizens “, considering that it has lost jurisdiction to conduct an investigation against it.

    In October, a person had been mandated by the minister of Justice to try to resolve the internal crisis that affects the activities of the CDPDJ. The Press had revealed that the three commissioners had launched a “call for help” and that they disagreed with the management style of its president, Tamara Thermitus.

    Unless an amicable settlement, a judge will consider the request in January. A date will be decided on Friday at the palais de justice of Montreal.