She creates a tale with the drawings of her daughter who died

News 21 January, 2018
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    Karine Lizotte went to école Camille-Marcoux Sept-Îles to read his story to the students. His daughter Fay Elijah collapsed just in front of the building so she went to a dance party, on October 7, 2016.

    Emy-Jane Déry

    Sunday, 21 January 2018 00:00

    Sunday, 21 January 2018 00:00

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    SEPT-ÎLES | A mother whose 7-year old daughter died suddenly created a story for children, from drawings made by the little girl. The book has brought the taste of biting into life, a year after the tragedy.

    Fay, Elijah went with girlfriends to a disco party at their school, on October 7, 2016, when she suddenly collapsed to the ground. She died holding the hand of her mother a few hours later, at the hospital of Sept-Îles.

    A heart defect would eventually be at the origin of the sudden death of the little girl of 7 years. His departure unexpected has pushed the world of his little brother, Leo, his little sister Rose, and his parents, Karine Lizotte and Martin Elijah. It was necessary to rediscover the taste of life.

    A great creative

    Fay was a great creative. It was not a day without that it does not create something : a drawing, a story, she was even sewing. She and her mom had as a project to create a tale for children.

    “It’s something that I wanted to do, but we never take the time. This kind of drama brings us back to the essential : take the time to enjoy the moment, ” said Karine Lizotte.

    The mother of the family still has in memory a discussion of the striking outfit with Fay, two weeks before his departure. The little girl asked her mother ” what she liked “.

    “I had answered : “you, your brother, your sister, my family…”, but she had insisted : “but what is it that you love mom ?” It remained so anchored in me, this discussion, ” said Lizotte, who has decided to go at the end of the project a fairy tale, in honor of his daughter.

    “I listen to. I do what I love and it makes me feel good. Since I had the book in his hands, I feel life again, and my psych gave me my leave. It is a state of mind that I thought I couldn’t get the taste of biting into life “, she entrusted. Karine Lizotte had no jurisdiction in terms of publication and writing book.

    De fil en aiguille, she met a graphic designer and deal with a publishing company to produce the tale : Fay and attack with 4 legs. It is on sale at a cost of $ 15, and 10 percent of the funds collected will go to the cause of families affected by the sudden death of a child.

    “I cried “

    Before the Holidays, Karine Lizotte returned to school to Fay, to read the tale, particularly in the class where Fay would have had to be this year. One of the professors of Fay took the opportunity to give her photos of the little girl to school.

    “I cried, it made me a shock to see new pictures of her. It was of new memories, even after his departure, ” said Mrs. Lizotte.

    The children have been enthralled by the tale. “I’m so happy to see that she lives through this, that the people will continue to say his name,” said Karine Lizotte.