She is a waitress at the age of 68 to keep the shape

News 4 February, 2018
  • Photo Jean-Francois Desgagnes
    Louise Trépanier, 68 years of age, manages to keep a balance between work and leisure thanks to a program that allows him to reduce his work hours.

    Diane Tremblay

    Sunday 4 February 2018 21:07

    Sunday 4 February 2018 21:07

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    The regulars of the Rôtisserie St-Hubert of Laurier boulevard in Quebec city are familiar with Louise Trépanier, 68 years old and a waitress.

    Always smiling, this woman working exudes the joy of life around her. For the employer, his positive attitude contributes to the team spirit.

    Ms. Trépanier has been working for the Group Martin for 38 years. In the course of her career, she has occupied different functions. She was even the patron saint of one of the patterns existing company, John Martin, at the time where she ran a restaurant.

    “I’ve been known to wear shorts ! “says Louise laughing.

    Today, Ms. Trépanier has slowed down the pace. She works fifteen hours per week spread over three days. It has access to a program put in place by the employer to promote continued employment of older workers.

    More and more workers like her, decide to stay on the labour market, by choice or by obligation.

    According to the most recent data on employment published by the Institute of Quebec, the level of activity of the 55 years and over has increased from 29.3% in 2007 to 34.2 % in 2017.

    In the case of Ms. Trépanier, which has put the savings aside for retirement, work allows him to indulge, and stay active.

    “I love going to the cinema, I cook and I travel a bit. I like to enjoy the small things in life that we don’t have the time to do when working full-time. “

    Working with young people

    Ms. Trépanier does not feel the clash of generations. On the contrary, she is glad to be able to take advantage of the presence of young people around her.

    “They are happy to show me their knowledge. As much as we are to show ours. I always say that work with young people, it keeps us in shape. It is true that it is hard physically, but I am lucky because I have a good health. Working only 15 hours per week, I don’t have the time for me to falter “, she says.

    With a reduced hours basis, Louise enjoys the best of both worlds. “I never work weekends and holidays. I have six weeks of paid vacation per year. When I have more pleasure to go to work, this is where I will stop. “

    Of dreams to fulfill

    His income allows him to travel on occasion and shopping for beautiful things. With its purchasing power, it helps to drive the economy.

    “I have friends in Florida that I visit from time to time, but my dream would be to go to Italy,” says the one who still has several projects in mind.

    “I still have a lot of energy,” she says.

    Most of her friends are retired. When they pose the question of when it intends to hang up his skates, she replied ” when I am ready “.

    “There are people who ask me why I don’t stop while I am in health, but as for me, my work, it’s part of my social. As long as I’m going to be able to do that, I’ll continue. “

    How to keep employees longer

    The Group Martin, owner of 11 les rôtisseries St-Hubert, in the Quebec region, has nearly 1250 employees. A few years ago, the company has felt the need to put together a program dedicated to the employees of 55 years and older.

    Less hours

    According to Peter Martin, co-owner, this program allows employees with more than 20 years of service to reduce their work hours while retaining their privileges as the choice of vacation.

    “We have workers who wished to reduce their hours, but who didn’t want to go last in the bottom of the scale. Naturally, we wanted to keep them. It is in this context that we began to develop this program, ” said Mr. Martin.

    Fifteen employees benefit factor 75, in place for a dozen years. In the case of the waitresses, it is possible to reduce the number of hours worked 15 hours per week.

    It is mainly responsible for the service at the tables, and the drivers who qualify for now since the average age of employees in the kitchen is much younger, ” notes Mr. Martin.

    Happiness at work

    The company also hosts more and more of the workers in the fifties.

    “In 2018, it is necessary to be open to that. The shortage of manpower exists and will increase. It has always been open, but it is even more. What we look at first of all, it is the attitude of the people. This is the most important. People work hard in the restoration. Our challenge is to make them happier, ” says his side Jean Martin, also a co-owner.

    “We form our managers in a new way. We just give a course on emotional intelligence to know how to act with people you work with in some circumstances. We invest a lot now compared to this, ” he continued.

    Retention of workforce is a challenge of all the days for the employer who has also opened his group RRSP program for all of its employees, whereas it was previously reserved to its managers.