She sees 200 clients in three weeks

News 14 February, 2018
  • Frederique Giguere

    Wednesday, 14 February, 2018 21:32

    Wednesday, 14 February, 2018 21:32

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    A pimp was convicted of having forced a young woman of just 18 years to satisfy the sexual desires of nearly 200 clients in a little over three weeks.

    Jeff Man, 29 years old, was back at the palais de justice in Montreal Wednesday. His lawyer requested a pre-sentence report, a document that aims to enlighten the judge to allow him to make the award appropriate. He’ll be back in April to receive his sentence.

    Photo courtesy, spvm

    Jeff Guy

    Just as his accomplice Gabrielle Lemire, a 28-year-old man has pleaded guilty to charges of pimping, to have advertised sexual services and have derived a material benefit from the provision of sexual services.

    His accomplice was given a sentence of three years in prison last month. In the case of Man, the Crown recommends a sentence of four years in the penitentiary, while the defence suggested a sentence of two years less a day.

    Between December 19, 2016 January 11, 2017, the duo had forced a young woman vulnerable to prostitution. No less than 189 customers have paid for the services the victim, aged just 18 years old, during this Holiday season.

    A notebook-to-date

    Lemire and Guy have collected almost all of the profits. The pimp, 29-year-old was in charge of placing ads for sexual services on the internet and make appointments. He also led the young woman at the customers and in various hotels.

    The ordeal of the victim was completed on 11 January 2017, when she managed to contact her father via Facebook.

    The duo was arrested the same day. When the police searched the Man they found on him a notebook in which he noted down the date and the amount received for each sexual service made by the victim.

    Analyzing the text messages exchanged by the co-accused, the investigators have discovered their complicity in order to “influence, direct, and take advantage of the prostitution” of the young woman, one can read in the summary of facts admitted by Snowman.