She wants a special law for the relief of the spring

News 12 December, 2017
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    Sylvie Lemay

    Simon-Pier Ouellet

    Tuesday, December 12, 2017 21:14

    Tuesday, December 12, 2017 21:14

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    GATINEAU | A affected of the floods in the spring press governments to change tax law after she had emptied all his savings to repair his house before the winter.

    Like several other victims, Sylvie Lemay has not waited for the cheques of the department of public Safety before moving forward with the renovations.

    “The house was in the process of molding, it was necessary to open the exterior walls. We should then be close to warm this winter and don’t want the rodents to return. We didn’t have the choice to repair immediately. We would not even a dog in this state, ” says the lady, who remains on the boulevard Hurtubise, Gatineau.

    Ms. Lemay has drawn 188 000 $ in the RRSP, the TFSA and her personal savings to upgrade his residence heavily damaged in the floods last may.

    It has emptied his RRSP, in full, in the amount of $ 53,000, which will be recorded as taxable income.

    She fears a tax invoice salt next year.

    She implores governments to adopt a special law quickly to allow the victims who have drawn in their pension investments to repay without penalty after Quebec they will pay the money expected.

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    As 5400 houses in Quebec, the residence of Mrs. Lemay was completely flooded last spring.

    Long wait

    “It’s got to be something similar to the home buyers’ Plan (HBP). They change the law quickly to allow other victims to do the repairs before winter. We want to live Christmas in peace, ” said the woman, who still needs $ 40 000 to a contractor.

    Sylvie Lemay is not yet known what amount it may receive in Quebec. She still has no news of the report of the inspectors of the department of public Safety.

    Up here, the lady has received only $ 26,000 in the government. An expectation which is experienced by several people on his street, Roger Belley.

    Holiday season difficult

    “It’s been seven months since the inspector came and I still haven’t had my report. We are fighting to accept the bids and have the money to do the work, ” he says.

    The year 2017 will not have been any rest for these victims who do not have the heart to the feast at the approach of Christmas.

    “Revisiting the family and having to talk about our problems, it takes us back to the emotion. This will be difficult, ” says Ms. Lemay, in tears.

    “The gifts will not be big this year. My credit limit is full “, said for its part a other host, Michel Matte.