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Twist in the case of the death of Ludovic Chancel, the son of Sheila. The singer has filed a complaint against x, and It wants to raise the mystery on the night of the tragedy and the causes of the death of his only son.

Sheila is a woman in mourning, a mother, proven by the sudden loss of her only son, Ludovic Chancel. He was 42 years old. Fragile, the son of the singer had spoken of his demons in his book Son of. And if he could no longer see his mother for several years, the two had never really broken contact.

On facebook, the singer is out of his silence after the tragedy, to express her pain and ask the public to respect his pain. At the funeral of Ludovico, on 17 July, she was discreet, coming in through a back door in the church of the Sixteenth arrondissement to say goodbye to her child. She had watched day and night for two days, accompanying him in his last moments. But today, Sheila wants to know what happened that night. According to our colleagues from Closer, the singer filed a complaint against X to know the exact circumstances of his death. It intends to do so any light on what happened that terrible night of July 7,… Because his close friends do not want to believe in the suicide of Ludovic. His companion was entrusted to the Galaand explained how Ludovic was tired. Diagnosed bipolar, he was taking drugs, a treatment that it was hard to bear.

“Ludovic was definitely not in a suicidal tendency” also testified to a close friend in Paris Match. All pointed out that it was no longer a drug user and that his addiction was behind him. They also said that the son of Sheila had succumbed to a medication overdose.

The justice has opened a preliminary investigation

The prosecutor’s office, seized even before the complaint of Sheila, opened a preliminary investigation for ” search for the causes of death “, as it is usual in cases of death by overdose. In the context of this investigation, says Closer Sylvie Ortega Munos, the companion of Ludovic Chancel , and Lucien, his intimate friend, were heard Tuesday, July 11, by the drugs squad.

The results of analyses will need to determine the causes of death of Ludovic Chancel.

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