Sheila reacts to the death of his son, Ludovic Chancel: “No word is at the height of my pain and my loneliness” – Gala

Entertainment, Techno 11 July, 2017


She had until now kept silent. Sheila is finally expressed after the death of his only son, Ludovic Chancel. The singer describes his grief, and thanked his fans for the support they bring him in this painful ordeal.

He died on 7 July last, after having fought against death for two days. Ludovic Chancel is deceased, and leaves behind him his companion, Sylvie Ortega Munos, her teenage daughter that it was so, and also her mother, Sheila. The singer had not yet been expressed following the announcement of the death of her son ; she has now taken the word, through a press release.


Why ? The love of my life, my son, Ludovic, went on to join his grandparents, written Sheila. No word is at the height of the pain and loneliness that pervades the heart of a mom separated from what she most expensive in the world. What is said on the web or elsewhere hurts me deeply. Why judge ? Ludo has the right to silence, respect and dignity. Me and him know. In this time of life, I must have the strength to be right for him. “The singer also thanked his fans, who provide an important support since the death of his son. Your thoughts and your prayers to help me through this ordeal. I’m grateful for that, concluded she.


The father of Ludovic Chancel, Ringo, with whom he had complicated relationships, has so far made no statement following the death of his son.

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Ludovic Chancel

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