Sherbrooke street Is in the era of the automobile

News 9 December, 2017
  • Photo courtesy of the Archives de la Ville de Montreal Sherbrooke st. E. at the intersection of the boulevard L’assomption. March 25, 1968, VM94-Ad040-026 Photo Ben Pelosse

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    Saturday, December 9, 2017 18:08

    Saturday, December 9, 2017 18:08

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    In the car on Sherbrooke street E.

    From the intersection of the boulevard de l’assomption, the Plymouth GTX red is moving fast on the Sherbrooke street E., where the car is king. On the south side, the presence of the Sheraton Fontainebleau Motor Motel and the restaurant Sambo, at the large parking lot reflects this new report on the car. Very little developed until the late 1940s, the rue Sherbrooke E. changes dramatically in the space of twenty years. The residential projects surrounding welcome former residents of Hochelaga, and of the central districts, seduced by the attractions of suburban life at a reasonable distance from the city centre. On vacant land along rue Sherbrooke E. rise soon the shopping mall Place Versailles, Domain, and Maisonneuve, a host of shops, restaurants, motels, all accessible by car. But the expansion of the Sherbrooke street E. has consequences. The streets of Hochelaga, Ontario and Our Lady, several small shops close their doors, unable to compete with the new supermarkets, as Steinberg’s or Miracle Mart.

    The Sambo, 5666 rue Sherbrooke E.

    Photo courtesy of the Archives of the City of Montreal, The restaurant Sambo, 5666 Sherbrooke E., march 25, 1968, VM94-Ad040-215

    Whether you’re actors, politicians, tourists, residents of Montreal-North or the Plateau, it is the feast when we go out to the Sambo ! Located at the corner of Sherbrooke st. E. and Dickson, Sambo opens its doors in 1963 with a décor worthy of the thousand and one nights. The exotic atmosphere of the restaurant, with its pool of water with a gateway, its exuberant plants, its arches decorated with arabesques and lion stuffed, leaves a memorable souvenir. Dishes to French, asian and american are in the spotlight. Number of marriages, discounts of the Prices of Orange and Lemon or Miss Film, fashion shows, launches discs or biographies, luncheons and political meetings were held in these places. Rendez-vous of actors, Gilles Latulippe y repeats the texts of the issuance Symphorien with screenwriter Marcel Gamache. The popularity of the restaurant and its nightclub declining, it is at the beginning of the 1980s that the minarets of Sambo disappear, at the same time as any a time.

    Welcome to Place Versailles !

    Photo courtesy of the Archives of the City of Montreal, Place Versailles, 25 march 1968, VM94-Ad40-253

    “Visit our shopping mall “. With one side in English and the other in French, this panel takes us back to a time when the commercial display bilingual is always tolerated in Quebec. In the background of this parking of two thousand five hundred places, the sign of the supermarket Steinberg’s is visible. On November 7, 1963, Place Versailles opens its doors at the corner of Sherbrooke street and the rise of Saint-Léonard (highway 25). The star of the hour, Michel Louvain, offers a service of his biggest hits for the occasion. With the slogan : “Place Versailles, where it is always good to shop around “, the city dwellers are invited to do their shopping in this second shopping gallery has a walk inland in the east of Montreal. This ambitious project of ten million dollars has some thirty stores and two movie theaters under the same roof. Since then, the number of teens, families and retired people have spent hours in this place of commerce and socializing in modern times.

    In collaboration with William Gaudry, phd candidate (history) at the University of Quebec in Montreal