Shocking myths about sex, in which some believe until now

Techno 23 March, 2018

2018-03-23 23:41

Shocking myths about sex, in which some believe until now
Sex covered lots of myths, rumors and speculation, and some of them are so strong that people believe in them still.

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Such a sphere of human life, like sex, at all times caused people a great deal of interest and lack of knowledge, ignorance gave rise to many fantasies associated with sex. Despite the fact that nowadays we have access to various kinds of information media, Internet, books, hosts a variety of lectures and trainings on this subject – some people believe in silly old wives ‘ tales, reports Rus.Media.

Here is a compilation of the most shocking of pearls “word of mouth”, in which people believed serious.

All sexual partners of the women affect her future children

It was believed that the offspring may inherit genes, not only their biological parents but to all those men with whom his mother had sex. There was even a scientific theory, telegony, which was based on this false representation. And despite the fact that it had been shattered with modern genetics, until now, some men cite this as an argument in favor of the virgin bride.

Clitoral orgasm – sexual sign of immaturity

The founder of this theory was Sigmund Freud. He was convinced that if a woman does not experience vaginal orgasm, it means her reproductive system is immature. A clitoral orgasm can only be experienced adolescent girls, and later, in Mature ladies, it migrates into the vagina. And if not, most likely stems from childhood trauma, which means a woman is something wrong, it is not complete and requires treatment.

If a woman does not orgasm – pregnancy is not achieved

The author of this, perhaps the most harmless for women myth is the ancient Roman physician Galen. He believed that the family is not only the men but also in women and during intercourse, they have to blend in, otherwise to conceive will not succeed.

Masturbation leads to insanity and blindness

This view was common until the end of the 20th century. And yet less than 100 years ago Masturbation was considered a disease and could even be put on compulsory treatment in a psychiatric hospital. The occupation is considered sinful and dangerous to health. According to our ancestors, it can cause blindness, epilepsy, madness and other terrible consequences. And the costumes that were supposed to protect the sufferers from this evil passion, was more like instruments of torture.

Sex during menstruation leads to deformities of the fetus

In many cultures, in many religions a woman during the critical days is considered dirty and cannot touch it. In Medieval Europe it was believed that if you violate this ban – this will cause the child to be born weak, lethargic, painful and ugly.