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Techno 4 April, 2018

2018-04-04 13:43

Shocking statement by the canadian Cybernetics
Robots create, if necessary, to have slaves.

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Unexpected and shocking statement was made by the canadian Cybernetics, Joseph brown, engaged in, among other things, developments in the field of artificial intelligence. According to the scientist, people create the robots need to be silent slaves that do not require payment for their work, reports Rus.Media.

Brown in one of his interviews, tried to debunk the myth of a possible “rise of the machines” after they will get a powerful artificial intelligence. Cybernetics believes that people always have enough opportunities to suppress the rebellion in the Bud by disabling the Android, turning it into a mass of metal and plastic. Currently, large corporations need work, who will perform the human functions in production, but will not require money and social benefits. Scientists believe that the Japanese, who are currently in leadership positions in the field of robotics, and therefore have become ubiquitous to create robots to translate physical labor on their shoulders, not bringing in cheap labor from third world countries. However, according to brown, it protects people from the negative effects of work on Assembly lines or in areas with chemical components.

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