Sicily: firefighters lit fires to be paid

News 7 August, 2017
  • File PHOTO, AFP


    Monday, 7 August 2017 03:31

    Monday, 7 August 2017 03:31

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    ITALY | Fifteen volunteer firefighters, believed to have lit fires for a benefit of intervention, have been arrested in Sicily, announced on Monday the police of Ragusa (south of Italy).

    The fire reportedly started fires and simulated calls to the rescue, say the investigators.

    What allow volunteers to intervene and affect fraudulently the compensation allocated by the Italian State: approximately 10 euros per hour in case of emergency.

    The fifteen volunteer fire fighters, all from the province of Ragusa, in southern Sicily, have been arrested for fraud to the damage.

    Some of them are suspected of arson.

    The command of the provincial firefighters had noticed an abnormal number of interventions on the part of this team and an investigation had been conducted.