Signs of love in the palm of your hand. Passionate, has a great fantasy, and may not pay attention to the feelings of others?

Techno 15 March, 2018

2018-03-15 21:39

Signs of love in the palm of your hand. Passionate, has a great fantasy, and may not pay attention to the feelings of others?
The main dream of most people to meet the ideal life partner. But how to find out the suitability of a person for you, in tune with your intentions and aspirations? It needs to be able to read minds… No! Must be able to “read” the palm of your hand! .


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Ring family

The attitude of the family will tell ring family (line 3 in figure). It is located at the base of the thumb. Ideally, the ring family looks like RuneLocus without gaps. This suggests that the person grew up in a happy family atmosphere. His family has a great value. He is respectful to his kind, ancestors. In the same traditions it will bring up their children, reports Rus.Media.

If the ring family looks like a flat line means that the child has received little attention. One seeks to get out from under the influence of parents, to become independent. It will be all the time immersed in the work, will disappear on business trips, to pay little attention to families and children.

The ring of the family in the form of two disjoint direct suggests that people will build a family, based on their own perceptions, and not look at the parents ‘ opinion.


Thumbs can be judged and who will be the head of the family.

Owners of a thick thumb with a big first phalanx of family relations will always pull the blanket over himself, striving to keep everything under control and try to control the situation.

If the first phalanx is overblown, so the owner of this hand has quite a temper. It will suppress your soulmate. In this Union the weaker partner should take the leadership of their beloved for granted.

Type of palm

About loyalty partner can be judged by the type of his palm. The most windy are the owners of palms fire (long hand warm elastic skin, all the lines are clear) or water (long fingers, moist, soft leather, many small lines) type.

The Hill Of Venus

A large and prominent hill of Venus (area a in Fig.) a sign of passion. Can a person replace a partner because of sexual desire.

If the hill of Venus crossing the rows of horizontal lines, then the owner of the palm is fascinated by nature. However, it will not necessarily go to the left.

The Ring Of Venus

A clear ring of Venus (line 1 in Fig.) on the hand says that a man loves a flirt and not be faithful to his other half.

If the hand is double or triple ring of Venus, then, before you people with high emotion and boundless imagination, which he will manifest in a sexual relationship.

The thin line (line 2 on Fig.) shows that people are selfish and oblivious to other people’s feelings. If you want to change without a twinge of conscience.

The cross on the ring of the family is also considered to be the sign of a traitor. Another interpretation of the sign: the owner of this palm has extra sexuality and popular among the opposite sex.

The flexibility of the fingers

If the fingers very flexible, good bend in the opposite direction – so trusting, sociable, open and loving. Thus in family life he will feel like in a cage.

If the toes have average flexibility, the owner is not tied to one partner, may frequently change lovers. However, there remains a distrustful and suspicious relationship.

If the fingers not to bend, that person is conservative, does not show much imagination in courtship or sex, but it will be a reliable family man.

The Hill Of The Moon

On the bright sexuality says a distinguished the hill of the moon (in Fig.). The owner of such palms has a heated imagination, knows how to please mate. Underdeveloped hill of the moon means the monotony of sexual life.