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Techno 30 March, 2018

2018-03-30 17:25

Signs that fear of failure holds you back from success and happiness
To combat fear of failure is not so simple. Atikhifobiya or fear of failure can be so crippling emotion that you feel!

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Below are some of the “symptoms” of fear of failure, reports Rus.Media. These signs indicate that you could hold your own success just because not quite ready “to fall”:

You doubt their capabilities

When we fail, often we form false and limiting conclusions, such as “I’m too young or too old or too stupid to do something”. We fall into the trap of saying to yourself: “I can’t perform a certain task”. These beliefs can be the result of experience or criticism that you may have faced earlier in life.

It is important to recognise which of these beliefs are valid and which ones are inhibitory in nature, which keep you from success.

You don’t want to disappoint the people you love

Frustration is inevitable. When we are afraid to disappoint my family, friends, teachers and everyone who matters to us, we begin to abandon their possibilities, expectations of ourselves.

In the end, we get more pain, frustration and stress, because we feel rejected by the expectations and hopes of other people.

Are you afraid of being unwanted, unloved and so on.

The pain of ignoring, neglecting or unwillingness may be deeply hurt. This can affect you not only on an emotional and psychological level, but also on the physical and the spiritual.

If you treat yourself poorly or don’t do what you think is right, because you don’t want others avoided you, you’re probably stuck in a cycle of self-pity, suffering and indignation. It’s time to realize that, as adults, we don’t need to pander to others.

We are able to judge our own truth and be our own companion. Don’t let this fear hold you back from taking the actions necessary to achieve what you want in life.

You project your failures

You tend to tell others what you do not expect success in a particular competition to lower other people’s expectations of you? This may be a sign that you are worried and doubt your success. Remember that these predictions are almost never based on facts or a realistic assessment of their abilities, and yet they are detrimental to the real work.

A positive attitude and complete focus determine all the difference between success and failure.

You always look for perfectionism

Perfectionism is stupid, when it is accompanied by anxiety, fear and stress. When we define our self-worth through the eyes of others, and we are not able to conform to their standards, we feel ashamed.

If perfectionism is what drives your life, there is a high probability that in your life there is the fear of failure and you just dissatisfied with the quality of its work.

You just cannot imagine your way to success

When do you fail? When I give up! Most of us don’t succeed because we are distracted by our past failures and stop thinking about new ways to achieve success. Beware of this trend!