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While the funeral official Simone Veil shall be held to be Invalid, the Gala looks back on her relationship so special and so tender to the members of his family.

Every Saturday afternoon, his sons, their children and the children of their children lacked for nothing in the world that go around it. Simone Veil. A destiny. An icon, a fighter, behind which was hiding especially a woman, mother and grand-mother careful. ” I can’t say that I care much of my grandchildren, said she, a few years ago to Laure Adler. But I see them often “. On the Saturday, so around the family table, holiday also in the house var of Beauvallon, where she played with them to trap door-trap on the lawn, or to the doll. When it did not share parts of Risk. Simone Veil was a grand-mother is certainly very preoccupied with his battles, for the duty of memory due to the atrocities of the Second world war, of course, to Europe or to the cause of women as well.

But she was also very attentive to the tastes and to the development of the children of his three sons, John, Claude-Nicolas and Pierre-François. Il a few years ago, as she was returning home tired from her trek in the arctic cold of Auschwitz for the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the Liberation of the camps, she received us, however, to witness time and time again the horror she had crossed in the past, as held of the Nazis. But at the turn of this serious conversation, his eyes lit up suddenly when she confided in an aside, that one of his granddaughters wanted to become a journalist. An interlude of gentleness, a point of light in a sharp and uncompromising on the darkness of the world.

A dark state of the places she has never hidden her “clan,” as she always called her own. “ The deportation of the grandmother and her family, I heard about since I was little, it is our family history recognized, a few years ago, She, her granddaughter, Valentine, daughter of the eldest son of Simone Veil. There are photos of the missing, the fact that my father is called John, as the brother of the grandmother who died in the camps. “

Despite his investment on all fronts, Simone Veil has always made sure to devote time to his family (…) check out the entire article in Gala in kiosks.

Photos credits : Michel Dufour

Simone Veil

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