Single tariff for CPE : the plan of the PQ would benefit the wealthy, said Couillard

News 26 January, 2018
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    Patrick Bellerose

    Friday, 26 January, 2018 07:53

    Friday, 26 January, 2018 07:53

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    SHANGHAI | return to the single rate in the early years centres proposed by the Parti québécois would be unfair to link the more affluent of Quebec, ” said premier Philippe Couillard.

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    “The problem with the single rate, is that this is a transfer almost directly to the less fortunate to the more fortunate”, says the prime minister, who is currently conducting an economic mission in China.

    Philippe Couillard takes the example of a couple of specialists. “There are a couple of doctors specialists pays the same as someone who makes 40 000 $, 50 000 $ per year, each one in the couple, it seems questionable to me,” he says.

    At the end of his caucus présessionnel in Shawinigan this week, the PQ has pledged to re-establish the single tariff for the service of custody 8.05 $ for the first child, if he takes power in October next. The cost would fall by half to $ 4 per day for a second child, while a third fréquenterait the CPE free of charge. In addition, families whose incomes are less than 34 000 $ débourseraient not a penny.

    “Tax family”

    Returning to the single tariff, the Parti québécois would abolish the additional contribution for childcare services according to family income established by the government Couillard, line 434 of the report of taxes, that Jean-François Lisée calls “tax family”.

    “What the liberal government has done with this line 434, said Jean-François Lisée earlier this week, it is giving a lot of oxygen to the business model preferred by the CAQ, that is to say, the business model of child care non-subsidized quality services – all the studies show – is lower.”


    On the contrary, replica Philippe Couillard, the government wanted to offer more choices to families. “The PQ wants a monopoly of the EPC, the CAQ wants to be a monopoly of private day care centers, and we want choice for parents”, lance-t-il.

    In addition, the modulation rate allows “to stabilize and ensure the future of childcare”, said the prime minister. In 2016, the additional contribution has enabled the State to collect $ 150 million additional.

    “I hear what that says, sir, Lisée, but now, I want to see the financial framework. […] Where we put public money, it does not elsewhere. There are other priorities for our children,” he says.