Siri, AirPods location, car control … The best new features of iOS 10.3

Techno 28 March, 2017

IOS 10.3 is finally available. Updating the operating system from Apple brings a lot of new features. Between Siri and the location of the AirPods, here is the best of them.
Apple File System, iCloud, localization of AirPods … The iOS 10.3 update is full of cool new features. But before you install this update, do not forget to backup your data . Then, you can finally find your AirPods using Locate my iPhone and benefit from new ways to use Siri with payment apps, alternative transport and car manufacturers. Here are the main innovations brought by iOS 10.3
Locate my iPhone
In addition to displaying the current position or last known position of your AirPods, locating my iPhone will now allow you to ring the wireless headphones that have been validated by footballers Antoine Griezmann and Medhi Benatia.
The voice assistant for Apple now allows to pay and check the status of invoices with payment apps. You can also order a race in alternative transport apps. Or, check the fuel level and lock the doors, turn on the headlights and trigger the horn with apps from car manufacturers. You can also check the fuel level and the door locks, turn on the headlights and trigger the horn with the apps from car manufacturers.