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2017-04-04 21:51

Six signs that you are changing
Based on the experience of survivors of adultery, has compiled a list of the most obvious signs that the partner has a sexual relationship “on the side”.

American women’s magazine Cosmopolitan has compiled a list of signs that partner is cheating, based on the experience of users of the social news site Reddit, reports Rus.Media.

“To determine the difference between simple paranoia and not unfounded suspicions, should heed the words of those people who have already been in a similar situation and was faced with a cheating partner. They know exactly what are the signs of infidelity, you should pay attention not to be deceived”, – the newspaper notes.


…If the partner rarely makes the joint staff and even fewer publish them in social networks

“I noticed that my girlfriend does not publish pictures of me on their pages in social networks. And it freaked me out, because in past relationships with the likes of the story the ending was sad. I asked her why she didn’t post pictures of me and have not heard any clear answer. As a result, we broke up – yeah, she cheated on me,” writes Reddit user.

…If partner wrongly accused of treason

“I had a few relationships that ended in betrayal. In these respects, one common point was the baseless accusations of me cheating. I came to the conclusion that the more partner you suspected of cheating, the more likely that he changes” – write to the network.

…If the partner is cheating about your location

“In my life lied to me about his whereabouts a total of six times. And five out of these six I changed. And in the sixth case, the guy chose me a gift for Valentine’s Day,” writes the lady of service.

“If he is always lying or not telling where – it’s a sign that he has something to hide. If the question is “where are You?” causes him to waver or for a moment to think, should pay attention to it. Another sure sign that he was lying when he in detail and the detail tells where you were and what you saw. Most likely, he was just in the wrong place and not at all seen, as told”, is also written on the web.

…If the partner does not store the unknown numbers in your phone

“My boyfriend never kept unknown numbers in your phone. He claimed that he is just lazy. But as it turned out, this is a very convenient way to hide among the unknown phones are the ones that belonged to his other friends,” writes lady Reddit.

…If your partner’s phone seldom catches your eye

“If you notice that the smartphone seemed to disappear and if you catch yourself thinking that you’ve forgotten what he looks like better to check it out. Quite often out of fear of being caught traitor will mute the phone, put it on a distant shelf, or don’t get out of his pocket. This is a sure sign that he has something to hide” – write to the network.

…If your partner dramatically increases sexual desire towards you

“This item is in the list mostly applies to men, because once they have a new sexual relationship, they feel more desirable and confident. They will definitely get their portion of pleasure on the side, but a sense of guilt and, of course, the convenience, forcing them to Express sexual desire in relation to you as well,” writes the user of the service.

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