SkinMotion, DuoSkin … These ultra-connected tattoos will revolutionize your everyday life!

Techno 12 May, 2017

A sound tattoo, intelligent marks engraved on your skin, glowing ink … Body art makes its revolution! Welcome to the tur-fu!
The traditional ink tattoo is so 2K16. The time is tattoo 2.0! Smart buttons printed on your body, able to control a device or even a tattoo that produces sound. This is not Sci-Fi! Researchers have seriously considered these projects. With these stylish and intelligent tattoos, you’ll be able to tell it to yourself! MeltyStyle makes you a topo on these tur-fu tattoos.
1 # SkinMotion, the tattoo you can listen to!
And if you associate your tattoo with your favorite song, the reassuring words of your mother or the “areuh, areuh! Of your adorable nephew? With SkinMotion , it’s soon possible: record the sound on the app, go to your tattoo artist who will burn the sound of the audio track on your skin, and replay your memory by synchronizing it with your smartphone. A beautiful way to pay tribute to a loved one. The app should be launched by pre-order by next June. Hurry up !
2 # SkinMarks: when your arm becomes a touch pad
Touch buttons on your arms and hands are possible! Researchers at a German university could soon turn your skin into a trackpad. Wires and sensors with a conductive ink will allow you to take calls, change channels, adjust the sound and even the brightness of your screen. But for now, it’s still a prototype. In the meantime, you can always use your ocarina as Link to control your connected house !
3 # e-Skin, a luminous tattoo to shine in society
Developed by Japanese, the e-skin will allow you to illuminate your body thanks to its ultra-fine and malleable polymer diodes. Applied to the health field, this technology can also be programmed to create real digital artworks. But do not abuse the bling bling … You might look like a Christmas tree! In any case, we are eager to see what the project of Takao Someya will give in its final version.
4 # DuoSkin: multifunctional tattoo design and removable
DuoSkin presents itself as an “extension of oneself”. Between the bracelet, the ornament and the tattoo, it will join the useful to the pleasant. According to the video presentation, it will be easy to remove, inexpensive, fully customizable and declinable in different forms. Can be used as a touchpad, it will also function as a flashcode and can even change color according to your temperature!
It’s unclear whether Matt Pokora, a big fan of tattoos will validate or not. But in any case, it is modern, it is fresh and it is glitz. Who knows, soon, your iPhone will even be tattooed directly on your skin! And if you do not care about your next tattoo and want to test it before you cross the cape, the Ink Hunter app is for you. Indispensable, if you want to avoid a fault of taste or a mistake of youth. So ? Looking forward to switching to tattooing connected?