Slaughter at the naturist campsite: his ex jealous had become a ticking time bomb

News 7 August, 2017
  • Photo special collaboration, Éric Beaupré
    The three bodies were found in a residence of the naturist campsite of the
    Centre-du-Quebec, near Drummondville.

    Caroline Lepage

    Tuesday, 13 June 2017 20:27

    Wednesday, 14 June, 2017 00:40

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    SAINTE-BRIGITTE-DES-SAULTS | relatives Of the victims killed in a naturist campsite in the Centre-du-Québec had tried to convince them to buy a gun to defend against the threat of an ex jealous.

    Suzanne Gareau, 50 years old, had just left her husband, Dennis Carpentier, 76 years to the best friend of her ex, Rodrigue Tremblay, 77 years of age.

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    Suzanne Gareau, victim

    The spouse has not accepted the break up and murdered the new couple to take the life of the naturist campsite of Adam and Eve from Sainte-Brigitte-des-Saults near Drummondville, which has the reputation of being also frequented by swingers.

    SQ confirms the thesis of the double murder followed by a suicide, possibly related to a story of a love triangle.

    Time bomb

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    Denys Carpentier
    Alleged assassin

    Since the rupture, Denys Carpentier reportedly made death threats to the new couple, to the point where Rodrigue Tremblay had begun to lock the doors of his residence.

    “I even suggested to obtain a weapon,” said Michel Aubry, one of the best friends of Rodrigue Tremblay.

    The new lover wanted rather attempt to discuss and to mollify Mr. Carpentier, who was a good friend of his.

    “Pay attention! The moral of Carpentier is like a roller coaster”, however, had warned Mr Aubry.

    The end of last week, the trio shared a whirlpool and MESSRS. Tremblay and Carpentier appeared to be reconciled. They operated on the site of the campground in the golf cart, waving to everyone.Yet, the three individuals were found dead, Monday, in the residence of the swinger. “They had traces of violence on the body,” said Ingrid Asselin, a spokesperson for the SQ.

    There are about three months, Rodrigue Tremblay has learned that he suffered from prostate cancer. It was supposed to go to Sherbrooke several times a week for his treatments and he would stop on the way to Drummondville at the home of his great friend, Denys Carpentier. His wife, Ms. Gareau, offered him to accompany them in their transport.

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    Pierre Spénard, and Michel Aubry had warned the new couple of the danger that was stirring.

    “Mr Carpentier was very jealous. Rodrigue was the only guy with whom he agreed to leave his wife,” said Michel Aubry.

    Rock ‘ n ‘ roll

    The best friend of Dionysius Carpentier, Céline Lachapelle, asks why he has not called to tell him that it was not with Mrs. Gareau. “We still can’t understand what happened for it to commit the irreparable. It drops to the bottom of our chair,” she said.

    According to her, Denys Carpentier was not a violent man, or jealous. Ms. Lachapelle believes that Mr. Carpentier had never managed to find his other half and he had the air of having at last found with Suzanne.

    The daughter of the alleged murderer, Josée Carpentier, was at the residence of his late father on Tuesday. She had not closed the eye all night.

    “This is rock’ n ‘roll”, expresses it.

    She said to receive the information “in little bits”, and preferred to do nothing to comment on.

    – In collaboration with Claudia Berthiaume