Slaughter in the Mosque: the following is an excerpt of the exchange between Alexandre Bissonnette and judge Huot

News 28 March, 2018
  • Photo from the archives, Stevens LeBlanc
    Alexandre Bissonnette

    Kathleen Frenette

    Wednesday, march 28, 2018 10:16

    Wednesday, march 28, 2018 10:16

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    In the middle of the afternoon, on Monday, that the procedures were covered by a publication ban, Alexandre Bissonnette informed the justice François Huot that he wanted to plead guilty. Here is an excerpt of the exchange between the accused and the magistrate.

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    Justice François Huot : This morning, you have been saved by plea of not guilty, and it is a change of position almost suffers from what I can see. You are over the age of…

    Alexandre Bissonnette : 28 years, sir.

    Justice François Huot : 28 years. Is what you are, mr. Bissonnette, fully aware of the consequences of your decision?

    Alexandre Bissonnette : Yes mr. justice, I thought long and hard.

    Justice François Huot : Are you aware that the minimum sentence for a first degree murder is 25 years of ineligibility before receiving any release on parole.

    Alexandre Bissonnette : I know.

    Justice François Huot : Is this what your lawyers have told you of the provisions of article 745. 51 of the code stipulating that for each of the two counts of murder in the 1st degree, the court may impose a period of ineligibility consecutively?

    Alexandre Bissonnette : Yes, mr. justice.

    Justice François Huot : which could theoretically lead you to a period of ineligibility of 150 years.

    Alexandre Bissonnette : I know.

    Justice François Huot : I would like to know what happened for you to change your mind since this morning. I would like it that you explain it.

    Alexandre Bissonnette : actually, mr. justice, this morning, I had the intention to plead guilty, but he lacked a few items that I needed to see before making my decision. That’s why this morning, I recorded a plea of not guilty.

    I understand that it is a change that may seem strange seen as it, but it’s been a long time that I think about it, and in my heart it is the decision that I have decided to take.

    To plead guilty to all the charges to avoid a long trial and to avoid people and to the victims to relive this tragedy. I carefully thought about it and I’m aware of all that you just tell me about the penalties and all that.