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News 8 September, 2017
  • Elisa Cloutier

    Friday, 8 September 2017, 00:00

    Friday, 8 September 2017, 00:00

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    The direction of the Laval University will meet with the Science students ‘Association of the directors of” very bad taste ” of a sexual nature that occurred during a recent evening of integration.

    According to information collected by The Journal entries doubtful have been made on the front of some participants, during an activity which was held last Sunday at the Field of Radar, in the Beauce region.

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    The photos of this integration activity have now been made public on Facebook, on the page of the photographer Ludovic Gauthier, hired by the student Association to commemorate the evening.

    “Anal “, ” Fuckgirl “, “I want a bat” could be read on the faces of the future student, on event photos that have been posted on Facebook.

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    When an integration activity, which took place in the Field of Radar, in the Beauce region, Sunday, future students have been “identified” by remarks of a sexual nature that were deemed “bad taste” by the management of the University Laval.

    “Very bad taste “

    Informed of the situation by The Newspaper, the spokesperson of the University of Laval, immediately indicated that these behaviors were “totally contrary to the values” of the institution.

    “We consider this kind of activity of very bad taste. They are not at all the reflection of the set of integration activities that are organized by the student associations, “said Andrée-Anne Stewart, stating that the Association concerned will soon be encountered and will have to” explain “.

    File Photo, Annie T. Roussel

    The management of the University of Laval will meet shortly with the members of the Association of students in administrative Sciences for explanations, has informed the spokesperson of the University, Andrée-Anne Stewart.

    Activities off-campus

    Earlier this week, the vice-president, administration, André Darveau, stated that in the event of incidents during activities outside of the campus, the University of Laval could not punish individuals, but could take further action against the student associations.

    An avenue in which Mrs. Stewart has not advanced yesterday, stating rather be “in the analysis of the facts” in this case.

    “Before considering the sanction, which in the case of a student association involves the withdrawal of its accreditation, the University of Laval, collects complaints, testimonials, images, and other elements to understand the course of events,” she said, stating that the Science students ‘ Association of the administration had previously informed the management of the University held this evening in the Beauce region.

    Neither the Association nor the CADEUL have agreed to answer questions from the Newspaper on this integration activity.


    • In the case of a sanction against a student association, Laval University, removed its accreditation, which removes the right to organize any activity.
    • More than 9000 students participated this week in the activities of reception and integration.
    • The University of Laval has about sixty student organizations.
    • Nearly 600 students participate in the organization of initiations at the start of the year.

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