Slowly but surely: how to delay male orgasm

Techno 16 March, 2018

2018-03-16 15:38

Slowly but surely: how to delay male orgasm
Sex is one of the few events, which encourages procrastination. Are you familiar with the situation, when he’s done, and you’re just getting warmed up? How to avoid such trouble and what to do if you still have ahead.

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Masturbation a few hours before sex will help him last longer. The fact that ejaculation during Masturbation reduces the sensitivity of the penis, and he needs more time to reach orgasm a second time. In this method, there is one problem: in some men, libido plummets, if they have masturbated. So, if you use this method, it is best if he will masturbate at least 2 hours prior to lovemaking.

If you are going to help him in this, sharing Masturbation can be an interesting warm-up game before the “main dish”.

What means

Today, the market offers a variety of condoms and lubricants with menthol, which reduce the sensitivity of the penis and help prolong sexual intercourse.

Don’t forget to test it first on the crook of the elbow, to make sure you are not allergic.

Not only a member

Even if he “snapped” and you have failed to orgasm, does not matter. Because sex can be without penetration of the penis into the vagina. Ask him to help you with your hands or tongue. If you certainly need something “more”, you can always use your favorite Dildo.

Equipment deferred

There are also special methods that help men last longer.

The method “Stop-start”

The method is very simple: immediately before orgasm, a man should stop and start again only when the wave of excitement subsides a bit. You can make one or a few deep breaths to relax.

Equipment 7-9

The method in alternation seven nine fast and slow frictions. With this combination the person will not be able to quickly reach the finish line and not be too sluggish to make you feel bored.

Change positions

If at any position a man cums too quickly, the solution is simple: just offer him another position. This simple output, as the change in angle, can greatly diversify your sex life. Not forbidden to change position during sex — there is no law under which he started and must finish.

The best positions to delay ejaculation are those in which the person is not too deeply into the woman. For example, the pose “Spoons” when lovers lie on his side, the man in the back. It is both very gentle and comfortable position.

Cock rings

Due to the partial containment of blood flow, erectile rings delaying ejaculation and prolonging pleasure for both partners. In addition, these rings attach to the penis, so to speak, “confidence” and the commitment — they even help in case of erectile dysfunction.

Usually for sex with a partner wear the ring on the barrel member, as it will touch and stimulate the clitoris, and the man will help maintain an erection longer than usual.