Smart car : Auto Distribution connects to the vehicles of its customers for the repair –

Techno 10 July, 2017

The mother house of the repairer Auto Distribution announced the end of last June its acquisition of a stake in the startup Oocar, dedicated to the connectivity automotive. Objective : to customize the services related to the maintenance of the vehicle.

And if your vehicle repair connects directly to your vehicle ? Soon to be a reality for the network to Self-Distribution, specialist automotive parts. Its parent company Autodis Group has announced the June 20, last its acquisition of a stake in the startup Oocar, which is dedicated to the connectivity, automotive, reports FrenchWeb.

Connected car : An app to use their smartphone behind the wheel without hands

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Connect to 2 million vehicles within 3 years

The company Oocar develops for the car a housing are connected, which works with an app on a smartphone. The driver must connect the device to the diagnostic port of the vehicle. The housing costs 49,90 euros the purchase, without monthly subscription. The app is available for free on iOS and Android. “The driver will benefit of personalized services related to his driving behavior, but also the use of his vehicle, its revisions and its wear and tear” details to the company Oocar.

“More than 90 percent of the wheeled vehicles now have a diagnostic port, and more than 75% of drivers have a smartphone,” says The Argus Philippe Chassany, president of Oocar. ” We want to evolve the relationship between the motorist and the professional maintenance and repair with a tool digital Innovative,” continues the manager. The startup hopes to create an ecosystem of partners. Objective : to connect more than 2 million vehicles in Europe in the next 3 years.

#Voitureconnectée : #Tesla is preparing a site for #music streaming. @TeslaMotors

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A market of 38 million cars in France

The company Autodis Group has also AD Auto, Global windshield and Dean Self. The platform for professionals (insurers and repairers) developed by Oocar will allow Autodis of the loyalty of the users of its different services of automotive repair. By accessing the technical data of the vehicle, the professionals of the auto will offer their customers a maintenance service.

What to put on a French market of 38 million cars, according to figures from the Committee of French Manufacturers of Automobiles (CCFA). “The primary mission of the Autodis Group is to help the motorist to maintain its racing heritage. Contributing to developing the services related to the connected car, we are fully committed to this path, ” specifies Stéphane Antiglio, chairman of the Autodis Group.

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