Smartphone: Some tips to avoid overheating on the beach this summer

Techno 17 July, 2017

In the summer, overheating is so fast! If you want to tan, think about protecting your smartphone or tablet from any source of excessive heat! Ready to follow our precious advice?

It’s summer ! The time to enjoy the sun and heat. But that does not mean to forget to pamper his smartphone. If the manufacturers arrange to have your phone obsolete before the time, misuse of the phone may just as easily make it unusable. Even if the effect is not necessarily instantaneous, in the long term, a mobile that overheats will deteriorate … Finally, be reassured on one point: usually smartphones that explode, is very rare. But you still have an interest in taking care of it. Here are some good old pipes to preserve your phone from a sunburn that will be fatal!

First rule, and not least: do not leave your smartphone plugged into your car … There is nothing worse, even in the glove box and especially in the middle of the heat wave: so much to put it in the oven directly. But if it is better to preserve your smartphone from any source of heat, it does not allow you to make it undergo a cold thermal shock! Then, one also avoids to put it to the freezing by telling itself that it will find a second youth lol. However, for the case of waterproof smartphones, a small immersion in temperate and unsalted water will not hurt them! As for use, do not forget to cut everything you do not use: WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS and company. It heats the battery for nothing, so activate them only when you need them.

Also cuts all the applications that consume, like Facebook Messenger that eats a lot of energy. Do not smell your smartphone in a protective shell too thick, in a padded pocket or in a pocket of down jacket (anyway, it’s not the season to wear it) or in a big wool sweater. Let him breathe! And finally, does not regroup all your devices … They risk to overheat together and there, it is the cat. Another very effective little advice: use official chargers. Non-compliant chargers tend to make smartphones work excessively … Especially when it comes to an iPhone. So, ready to follow all these tips?