Smartphones: Tremble Apple, Huawei and Samsung! Oppo to launch in France

Techno 26 June, 2017

After successfully imposing itself in China before brands like Huawei, Oppo is about to land in France. Apple and Samsung have to stand well!
Sales of smartphones continue to rise in China. According to the latest IDC report, Oppo is the new leader in the Chinese market after chiping first place in Huawei in 2016. With competitive products marketed at low prices, the new smartphone champion has succeeded in scoring the spirits. And after having recently deposited his luggage in Egypt to target the Middle East, the manufacturer is about to land in France. What will Apple and Samsung shake? Answers in the following lines.
After China, Oppo wants to conquer the world and this passes through France. After having its ranges with the MP3, the brand created in 2014 never ceases to amaze us. And it is not R11 that will invalidate these remarks. This affordable premium smartphone has it all! And apparently, this device should quickly turn into France. ” We really want to penetrate the American and European markets, we are working on it,” says Yi, Oppo’s international sales manager. So, are you ready to welcome the Chinese smartphone champion?