Snapchat attacks fake news

Techno 25 January, 2017

Snapchat tightens the screw! At the beginning of 2017, the app tackles the false information and the lack of editorial value that could appear on its Discover tab.
To each one his tool! While Facebook and Snapchat are two competitors on a daily basis who clearly seek to distinguish themselves from each other in order to attract users, the two platforms are now moving in the same direction: false information of any kind . There are some days, the editorial ‘of meltyStyle did you know that Facebook was testing a tool “anti-fake news” . In concrete terms, the American giant will now work with independent organizations that meet the fact-checking codes of the Poynter Institute of Journalism. These will tell Facebook if any news is true or if it is completely false, resulting in sanctions, if any. Now it is the turn of Snapchat, which just launched filters the colors of football clubs , to go on the offensive. The application intends to harden its policy to share only the authentic on its service.
In an official statement released this week, a company spokesman said that today Snap took the responsibility to be “a source of news, entertainment and information to a community of over 150 million active accounts per day, ” and therefore must take things seriously. Concretely, the app will therefore attack fake news and images with no editorial value in its Discover tab, alias its digital kiosk. The ultimate goal ? Fight against the development of clickbait and prevent the spread of fake news in a tab which tends to embody the credibility of Snapchat . We’re waiting to see what it’s going to give! Do you trust the info you read on Snapchat?