Snapchat fills up with creative tools for ever more crazy snaps

Techno 7 July, 2017

This Wednesday, July 5th, Snapchat presented 3 new creative tools that should give a new dimension to your snaps: backdrops, voice filters and insertion of links are on the program.

Obviously, we do not stop the progress of the application of Evan Spiegel! While he is whispering more and more that Snapchat is leaning on a new version of his spectacles spectacles, with integrated filters, there is also new directly on the application queen of the ephemeral. If the editor of meltyStyle let you know a few hours ago that you will soon be able to create your personal filters very easily on Snapchat, we learn that the social network has just revealed three novelties to give a new dimension to your snaps, without Need to pull out the wallet. The first novelty in question is that of the backdrops, namely a tool that allows “to place colorful and nice patterns behind an object or a person in the photos”, explains the site Geek Junior. Rather not bad, right?

As the specialist website reveals, “after you have taken a Snap, you press the scissors in the vertical kit and you discover a new backdrop icon. You choose the background that suits you and then you surround the object or the person That you want to put in front of this background, and here are 8 different funds are available for now “, which leaves you enough to make tests! The second novelty presented today is the setting up of voice filters for video snaps. While we already knew the effects snail or rewind, we are eager to discover the effects distorting the voice. Something tells us that it will cause more and more on the app! Finally, Snapchat now allows to insert links in Snaps, like on Instagram Stories! To do so, simply touch the paperclip icon in the vertical kit to attach a link to your snaps before sharing your snap with a friend or posting in a Story. Come on, it’s up to you to try all this now!