Snow cyclone has proved the futility of the existence of pizza with pineapple In the World : Vladim

News 5 March, 2018

Briton Lewis Wake (Lewis Wake) published in his Twitter account a photo of empty shelves in a supermarket in the UK. The only product that residents are not sold out even during a snow storm, turned out to be a pineapple pizza.


Briton Lewis Wijk decided to prove the futility of the existence of pizza with pineapple. As an argument, a man brought in a personal microblogging photo from a supermarket in Britain. The photo shows the empty shelves. Residents are literally “raking” product, leaving only a pizza with pineapple. It is seen that the taste of British products were cheaper and more expensive, but not this semi-finished product. Consumer boom occurred during a snow storm.

The Wake statement has caused much controversy: lovers of pineapples began to assert that the ham can be replaced by cheese and fruit, opponents – this product can only be disposed of in the trash.