Snow removal: A neighbourhood woke up to knocks of shovel

News 20 March, 2018

    Francis Pilon

    Monday, 19 march 2018, 18:02

    Monday, 19 march 2018, 18:02

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    An operator of the snow thrower has woken up a whole district of the borough of South-West, in Montreal, Saturday, knocking non-stop on the ground with his shovel.

    “Know that we find this unacceptable situation. In addition to disturb the citizens, the strokes of the shovel can damage pavement and underground infrastructure,” said Julie Bellemare, in charge of communication in the borough of South-West.

    A video showing a snow thrower that hits repeat the floor on the rue Knox before the snow has attracted a number of reactions on the social networks this weekend.

    “We live near the train, it is used to the noise and vibration, but it, this morning, it was worse than anything. My baby of six months awoke in panic and, yet, she sleeps without problems when the trains go by”, testified Andréanne Guillemette, who is the author of the filmed sequence to 7 h.

    According to Ms. Guillemette, the snow thrower would hit the streets of several roadways that parallel the street, Knox in the borough of South-West.

    The “24 Hours” has contacted the company Canbec, owner of the snow thrower filmed in the video, and was transferred to their project manager for the borough of South-West. The latter has refused to identify himself and told us that he could not comment on this scene for the moment.

    History repeats itself

    The borough of South-West is not his first conflict with companies for snow removal.

    Last may, Montreal has put an end to two contracts for snow removal awarded to Pavages d’amours in the same neighborhood because of the many faults of the company. A score of breaks had been spotted after the passage of plow trucks during the winter of 2016-2017.

    Among the faults of Tilings of Loves, a video of a tracked vehicle pulling a bike hooked up to a signpost quickly became viral last year.