an application for leave the mothers out of their isolation

News 17 July, 2017
  • Photo Stevens LeBlanc
    Audrey Poulin has launched an application to help mothers to break down and break out of their isolation.

    Valerie Bidégaré

    Monday, 17 July 2017 16:34

    Monday, 17 July 2017 16:43

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    Victim of isolation during her maternity, a mother of Shefford, Bromont, has created an app, inspired by Tinder and Facebook to get out the mothers of their loneliness. A year and a bit later, the fruit of his imagination bears the name of, a social network for mothers.

    “I want to avoid to moms isolation, post-partum or depression,” admits Audrey Poulin, the founder of

    The mother of two children has felt isolated in her motherhood and would have liked to be able to rely on a network, other than his family, to get out of it. “When you’re a mom, it happens that you just want to embarrer your child, and go take a walk because you’re to end. We’ve all been there. To have a platform where we can discuss without embarrassment and without judgment. Find moms close to home with children of the same age and experience,” says the business woman.

    It is thus that the idea of creating an application combining the best of Tinder and Facebook, without the “advertising mind-numbing”, germinated in the head of the chartered accountant training. With the help of his partner and a friend engineer, they developed the concept which is available free on IOS and Android. All three have abandoned their respective careers in order to help mothers to overcome isolation, a “scourge”, more common in the “millennial moms”, according to the couple.

    “A lot of the literature shows that new mothers suffer from isolation. Some argue that 80 % of new moms feel or have felt isolated,” explains David, Proulx, who also launched into the adventure. “On Facebook, everyone is in the air above his business, but is for moms to be real between them, to say the real business”, he adds.

    The objective of this application, therefore, is to encourage the moms to “get back to basics and do activities together”. “The moms publish still photos great, and you say to yourself, my sweet, it goes well, his life is fun. Then, you learn three weeks later that it is separate, that it is the total chaos in his family,” said Ms. Poulin.

    Up to now, nearly 4 000 moms have downloaded the application. After created an account, they are able to see the subscribers who reside within a radius of 25 kilometres of their home. “They can add friends, chat, publish events. We are different from Facebook because you can see the age, number of children, the mothers close to you and you took the trouble to separate the good articles tips advertising, because people are tanned,” says dr. Poulin, who wants to recruit bloggers and add alerts regarding the recall of certain products, in particular.

    The couple and their two children, crossed currently the Canada aboard a motorized color application to make it known. They have tapped into their savings in order to “live their dream”. After a stop at Halifax, and Moncton, he was at Quebec, on Monday, before heading to Ottawa and then to the West, in particular, for a journey of six weeks.

    “Hopefully, during this tour will be of interest to investors because they will not be able to live for 4 years of our economies”, concludes the father of the family.