Sol Zanetti will wear the colors of Québec solidaire, in Jean-Lesage

News 17 March, 2018
  • Simon Clark/QMI Agency

    Arnaud Koenig-Soutière

    Saturday, 17 march 2018 16:21

    Saturday, 17 march 2018 16:21

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    The ex-head of Option nationale Sol Zanetti has won this afternoon the inauguration of Québec Solidaire in the district of Jean-Lesage.

    Mr. Zanetti has harvested the majority of the approximately 150 votes. It was against Sebastien Bouchard, who immediately rallied to the outcome of the vote.

    Will we know which of @SolZanetti or Sébastien Bouchard will represent QS in Jean-Lesage in the general election in a few minutes !! Regardless of that, QS will be very well represented! 💪 #polqc

    — Manon Massé (@ManonMasse_Qs) march 17, 2018

    The two men were presented to the last provincial election in this same constituency in 2014, Mr. Bouchard, finishing just ahead in fourth place.

    Sol Zanetti could count on the support of the co-spokesperson Manon Massé and Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois. It was a condition of the merger between IS and QS.

    “The registry has gotten as it takes “, welcomed Ms. Massé, a few minutes after the unveiling of the winner, which she describes as ” ambassador of the independence “.

    M. Zanetti hopes to become the first mp in the history of QS outside of the island of Montreal.

    The departure of liberal mna André Drolet will push ” a lot of people to re-evaluate their allegiance partisan “, believes professor of philosophy.

    In the last election, Mr. Drolet has won with more than 37% of the vote. The votes combined QS and IT would have accounted for about 14%, which would have placed the party in fourth place.

    “A friend “

    Sol Zanetti was now the head of Option nationale in 2013, when he had made the succession of the founder of the party Jean-Martin Aussant, now back, but the Parti québécois.

    On this return Aussant, ” the reactions have been very mixed. There has been disappointment and misunderstanding, ” said Mr. Zanetti.

    “I hope that one day we will end up on the same side of the line partisan, he continued. Mr. Aussant is a friend who chooses a different strategy from ours. This is someone who has a lot to bring to Quebec and I hope that he will be able to do it. “

    Filled by the tram

    The announcement of the tramway project in Quebec has touched a chord with the representatives of QS.

    “I was not expecting as much boldness,” jubilee M. Zanetti.

    “The project is really extraordinary. It allows us to remember everywhere in the Quebec that the 21st century should mainly happen on public transport “, said Manon Massé.