Solved the riddle of Rubik’s cube

Techno 22 March, 2018

2016-07-19 05:52

Solved the riddle of Rubik’s cube
In the UK the study of the specific number of plants have been able to solve the riddle of Rubik’s cube.

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In the surveyed flower was discovered substance, the elements of which despite having the same molecular composition, have a different shape.

The main task of the experiment, biologists from the UK to determine the nature and root cause of the formation of stereoisomers of a flower called Catharanthus roseus. Stereoisomers are elements which differ only in the spatial arrangement of atoms, however, their similarity is sufficient for the formation of biological properties. The researchers compared the resulting compound with a Rubik’s cube, which has the same number of colored faces that can be assembled in completely different ways.

Catharanthus is a natural source tetrahydroaluminate, which in turn are part of a group of compounds heterogenenous. During the study scientists have discovered 14 different enzymes. Amino acid sequence of the resulting compound resembles a sun protein that synthesizes tetrahydrolipstatin of the molecule-precursor structuredin-aglycone (SA). Using genetic engineering, different colonies of bacteria have produced a variety of enzymes.

Scientists came to the conclusion that a certain follower of amino acids can program what will be the structure of the compounds obtained on the basis of the SA. The resulting study of the flower, heteroauksin have considerable potential in the pharmaceutical industry.