Song 10-year-old autistic Britain has gained a million views online

News 23 December, 2017

10-year-old boy with autism from the UK sang the song at the Mall. Ten days a video with a boy watched a million times.


A little boy from Britain is suffering a terrible disease – he has high functioning autism. 10-year-old boy sometimes sees no boundaries while interacting with people. So it is very difficult to do with any friendships. But he has no complexes in order to sing a song at the Mall.

Recently in the store, the boy decided to sing a song Who’s Lovin You written by Smokey Robinson. Mom decided not to take her son and gave him to sing. She took off all on video to show her husband and daughter.

Relatives liked the performance of the composition, and the daughter decided to put a video on the Internet. Youngest member of the family, quickly gained popularity online. In about ten days the video with the singing in the Mall boy looked over a million times.

He 10-year-old singer-autistic neither believed in himself nor in their talents. After I looked and listened to your voice from the side, he liked it. Moreover, most of the comments under the video were encouraging. Internet users liked this design. Some were even ecstatic.