Sonia LeBel candidate of the CAQ in Champlain?

News 18 January, 2018
  • Sébastien St-Jean / QMI Agency

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    Thursday, 18 January 2018 16:01

    Thursday, January 18, 2018 19:31

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    THREE-RIVERS | One year after having convinced the ex-prosecutor of the Charbonneau commission Sonia LeBel to be a candidate for the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) at the general elections of next October 1st, the leader François Legault would have made his choice as to the district in which it is present.

    And no, there will not appear to be a political confrontation between Sonia LeBel, who is the current deputy director of the cabinet of François Legault, and the liberal minister Julie Boulet, who is a member of Laviolette.

    Rather, it is in the neighbouring electoral district of Champlain, that the lawyer will conduct his first election campaign.

    The liberals will confirm for their part the 27 of January as the current mp Pierre-Michel Auger will seek another term in Champlain.

    “We made an excellent mandate, he has done nice things and I still have to do it,” said Mr. Auger. What are the voters to decide next October if they want someone from outside the region or someone who has been involved here for decades.”

    The coming of Sonia LeBel confirms that the CAQ wants to make the Region an important battleground in the next general elections. The party have also probed the ground with its members during the summer.

    “I knew that she wanted to be a candidate for the CAQ. It may well show up where it wants to, it does not affect me,” said Julie Boulet to VAT New.

    Pierre Giguère et Julie Boulet covet both of the new headquarters of Laviolette, Saint-Maurice, the result of a merger of the two districts enacted during the redrawing of the electoral map by the Director general of elections of Quebec (DGEQ). The liberals expect to see Ms. Boulet, current minister of Tourism in the government Couillard, obtain the investiture of the new district.

    To face him, the CAQ could designate Marie-Louise Tardif, a business woman in full view Shawinigan.

    “I’m interested, but this will be at the head of choose. I am doing the rehabilitation of companies and for me, the economy of Quebec and the family is in my ropes,” said Ms. Late.

    It remains to determine the candidates caquistes in Trois-Rivières and Maskinongé. Once again, the name of the brother of Julie Boulet, Jean Boulet, has resurfaced.