Sony SRS-XB40: 3 Reasons to Buy the Extra Bass Speaker

Techno 6 July, 2017

Nothing like a good speaker to enjoy his summer listening to his favorite sounds. Here are 3 good reasons to crack for the SRS-XB40 designed by Sony.

A few days ago, meltyStyle offered you a complete test of the Sony SRS-XB40. We gave you our impressions on its design, on its interface, but also on its power and its functionalities. You are looking for an enclosure for the summer and you plan to crack for that of the Japanese manufacturer but its price of almost 250 euros makes you hesitate? We understand you, it is a rather expensive purchase to which it is better to think twice … But if it can help you in your reflection, here are 3 good reasons to buy the Sony SRS-XB40 without delay. She has so many qualities that we were spoiled for choice.

1) Its design
Neither compact nor light, the Sony SRS-XB40 is nevertheless one of the most stylish speakers on the market. Why ? Because its light effects are really canons, especially in the evening. Not only does the SRS-XB40’s contour change color as the music progresses, but the interior also lights up in strobe mode. No need to go to a nightclub.
2) Its power
The Sony speaker is not only beautiful to watch … It is also very effective, especially on songs that contain a lot of bass. With the EXTRA BASS button on the top of the unit, they are exacerbated while maintaining a high level of accuracy and clarity. And when you turn up the volume, the sound is not distorted … Your friends will want to invite you to all the evenings.
3) Its autonomy
The Sony SRS-XB40 will not let you down in the evening … It can hold up to 24 hours in a row without being recharged, which is really huge. Not to mention that it allows you to connect your phone if you are in battery harbor before the end of the night. We could also talk about its waterproofness (certification IPX5) and its function PartyChain to connect 10 speakers simultaneously, but we had to settle for 3 reasons. You understand, the SRS-XB40 has many qualities. Hopefully this will also be the case for Sony’s upmarket high-end, whose features have just leaked.